There are options when it comes to buying scales. The answers to the following questions can make a significant impact on your long term satisfaction with the purchase of a scale kit.

What is the warranty on this product?

  • Find out how many years weigh bars/load cells and scale indicators are warrantied.
  • FYI: Scale-Tec offers a full 3 year warranty from manufacture date on all Digi-Star and Avery Weigh-Tronix weigh bars and indicators.

What paint type and finishing process are used on the brackets in this kit?

  • Be cautious of  buying components that are not both blasted and painted. For paint that lasts in the elements, avoid anything finished in a latex paint.
  • Differences in finish/paint may not be immediately apparent, but 2-3 years down the road there is a major difference in how these parts look.  Consider future trade value.
  • FYI: Scale-Tec uses professional welders and finishers. Brackets are blasted and  powder coated

Are the weigh bars in this kit calibrated to a specific point or to a range?

  • Accuracy powers profitability. Only invest in a weigh bar that is calibrated to a specific point.

Am I choosing a system that I am comfortable operating?

  • Know your indicator goal before you begin shopping. What do you want your scale to do?
  • Be honest about your comfort level with technology when speaking with sales staff.

When is service available?

  • What hours are service available?
  • FYI: Scale-Tec prides themselves in providing excellent service:
    • We have personnel available for service by phone from 7:30 AM-5:00 PM Central Time Monday-Friday and phone service on Saturday mornings during the busiest seasons of farming.
    • Scale-Tec has trouble-shooting videos and calibration instructional videos online that often allow problems to be solved without talking to anyone.
    • Scale-Tec’s locations in both Iowa and Ohio offer walk-in scale service and repair.