Replacing Digi Star Load Cells On Scales

There are many different types of load cells in use on scales today. In all electronic types of scales load cells are a transducer which is able to relay the force of the object on the scale and convert that into an electrical output which can be read on the scale and by the operator. Digi Star load cells are designed to do this task in an agricultural environment.

For agricultural use Digi Star load cells often are put through the test. Livestock is moving around the platform, and potential banging of the scale by agricultural equipment can all result in damage to the load cell over years of use.

Part Information

There are all types of shapes and sizes of Digi Star load cells.   The load cells can come in the form of spindles, round shafts, square shafts, and compression cells.  This allows for different types of applications.  For example, grain cart scales may utilize the spindle load cells where as a platform scale may utilize a diameter-bar round shaft load cell.

If load cells should ever need to be replaced, you will need to know the part number of the Digi-star load cells.  The part number on every type of load cell is found on a sticker placed on the load cell.  Generally these are placed on the raised protective shroud of the Digi-Star load cell.  If you can’t find the load cell part number or the sticker is missing, check back with your dealer.  They should be able to access information regarding the implement or scale and advise you of the proper Digi-Star load cells you will need.


Replacing a load cell may seem like an easy task, however sometimes it can be difficult to remove a defective load cell.  Typically the load cell can be replaced on the farm, however for load cells that are difficult to remove or stuck you may have an agricultural scale company or implement dealer complete the replacement and installation of the Digi Star load cells. This can be a complex procedure and require the expertise of a welder or machine shop to remove and replace the stuck load cell.

In addition, care must be taken when welding around the load cells. When grounding the welder, care must be taken so that the electrical current does not pass through the load cell.  It is always a good practice to ensure Digi Star load cells are disconnected to avoid any risk of the current flowing through the load cell and damaging the indicator.

Installing Digi Star load cells on new scales or replacing them on existing scales can be an easy or sometimes complicated procedure. Consulting with a scale company or an implement dealer with experience in servicing and selling Digi Star scales is always the best option.