What makes POINT superior?

Smart technology meets simplicity with POINT®. Featuring a simple display with a powerhouse of connectivity, POINT opens the door to the future of scale applications and integrations. High adaptability, innovative support, and endless capability are just a few benefits POINT provides.





Long Range Bluetooth® wireless technology allows multiple tablets and smartphones to connect simultaneously for sharing and displaying the weight data, at distances of 1,000 feet or more. POINT will also connect to other Bluetooth® wireless devices, such as an EID Tag reader, allowing animal identification to be read alongside the weight of the animal for record keeping purposes.


POINT is supported and serviced through over-the-air updates. Updates become available in the mobile app, and are easily pushed to the indicator. POINT allows you to contact our support team by text through the mobile app. We can also perform a remote support session with you, allowing us to virtually access your POINT display and diagnose your entire scale system.


POINT is expandable through its modular adapter design and can support future integrations with Wi-Fi, cellular, CANbus, Serial and more. POINT supports multiple load cell connector profiles and we have designed different modular adapters to fit each connection type – including AMP (commonly used on Digi-Star), Crown (commonly used on Avery Weigh-Tronix), M12 (commonly referred to as EZ-MATE), and Deutsch 6-Pin.



POINT is rugged – engineered to withstand chemical breakdown, high pressure wash-down and extreme temperatures. It’s also shielded against UV, dust, mud, snow, rain and manure. POINT exceeds EP455 standards in its quality of enclosure design, extending its life beyond your farming equipment.


POINT is designed to be configured through smart settings and a mobile app. Easily refine calibration, adjust the scale sensitivity, change the screen contrast and more – simply by making an adjustment in the mobile app.

Multiple Displays

POINT supports both Apple (iOS) and Android devices for use as a remote display – no need to purchase additional remote display hardware.