Three POINT Advantage


Data is becoming very important to farmers in order to make accurate decisions on their operations. Some data points are critical, such as geo location. We believe “mass” is also a critical data point. Most agriculture products today are tracked, bought, sold, and traded from a “mass” or “weight” value. Other forms of precision agriculture technology use mass as a standard for calibration.


Scale-Tec is an agricultural scale company. We are not an animal nutritionist, grain marketer or data science company. Simply put, we know scales best! We focus on delivering extremely accurate weight data to you, in a way that’s most useful to your operation.


Scale-Tec is committed to your success, which is why we developed an internet of things (IoT) cloud service capability into POINT. This allows you to digitally notify us of any issues you are experiencing with your scale. It lets us view diagnostics and provide real-time troubleshooting in a remote environment. With the capabilities of today’s technology, we strive to set the standard for service at Scale-Tec.

POINT Features

POINT is a powerhouse of features. Whether you are using POINT as just a simple scale by using the four button interface on the front of the display, or taking it to the next level and connecting it to a mobile app, POINT is designed to be simple and smart. Here are some highlighted features of POINT:


POINT provides all the simplicity of a basic scale, however, you can utilize mobile apps to enhance its capabilities beyond imagination with the use of a smart phone or tablet. POINT supports both Android and iOS (Apple) mobile apps for use as a remote display. Today, most farmers already have a display in the form of a smartphone in their pocket, or already have a tablet in the cab of their tractor. Typically, this saves the farmer $700 up front from not having to purchase a remote display.


Advanced Bluetooth® capability provides extreme long range connection capability of over 1000 feet. This advanced connectivity allows multiple tablets and smartphones to connect to the POINT scale display simultaneously for sharing and displaying the weight data. Our Bluetooth® capability doesn’t stop there – POINT will also connect to other Bluetooth® wireless devices, such as an EID Tag reader, allowing animal identification to be read alongside the weight of the animal for record keeping purposes.


Unlike other scale displays, you will never have to send in your POINT to a service center for an update. In the past, you may have had to download a file to a thumb drive and key in a sequence of buttons for an update, but not with POINT. We support POINT through over-the-air updates. We will let you know when there is an update available, and you can quickly push the update through the mobile app.



POINT is rugged! We engineered POINT to withstand chemical breakdown, high pressure wash-down, extreme temperatures, and be shielded against UV, dust, mud, snow, rain, and manure. POINT exceeds the industries EP455 standards in its quality of enclosure design, extending its life beyond your farming equipment. We have taken it up a few notches in reliability – POINT is built like a tank!



Support is the most important quality we offer at Scale-Tec. POINT allows you to contact our support team by text through the mobile app.  We can also perform a remote support session with you, allowing us to virtually access your POINT display and diagnose your entire scale system. We strive to set the standard for scale system support at Scale-Tec.



POINT is expandable through its modular adapter design. POINT can support future integrations with Wifi, cellular, CANbus, Serial, and more. We can support multiple load cell connector profiles and have designed different modular adapters to fit connections, such as AMP (commonly used on Digi-Star), Crown (Commonly used on Avery Weigh-Tronix), M12 (Commonly referred to as EZMATE), and Deutsch 6 PIN.



There are some things that just shouldn’t take a whole lot of effort, and making simple settings changes is one of them. Do you remember the button sequences and timers you had to go through on previous scale displays? You no longer have to worry about that. POINT is designed to be configured through smart settings and a mobile app. Easily refine calibration, adjust the scale sensitivity, change the screen contrast, and more, simply by making an adjustment in the mobile app.



Consumer devices, like smartphones and tablets, are really nice and very useful! However, sometimes consumer devices don’t hold up to the environment that farmers operate in. We have designed POINT to carry you through with a 2-inch LCD display which will work in sub zero temperatures, tested to -40° C (-40° F).  Use POINT as a standalone basic scale display, or have a “backup” display with basic weighing capabilities.