Benefits of a Scale for Feed Management

  • Load accurate ingredients into your mixer.
  • Deliver prescribed feedings to your herd.
  • Keep employees accountable.
  • Eliminate waste of feed.
  • Avoid underfeeding or overfeeding.
  • Maintain inventory of your feed products.
  • Increase production efficiency.

Check out our Livestock Feed Management product page to find a scale kit to fit your TMR mixer, grinder mixer or feed wagon.

Options to Fit Your Operation

Using a scale in conjunction with your feed wagon or TMR mixer can help you mix and deliver rations properly to your herd. You can achieve a very high degree of accuracy with a basic scale system. Taking it a step farther, you can also incorporate a Scale-Tec scale system into a more advanced feed management system, such as Performance Beef by Performance Livestock Analytics. Check out the video below to see how Performance Beef uses an iPad app to connect wirelessly to Scale-Tec’s POINT indicator, improving accuracy and efficiency.

Performance Beef

Performance Beef is a web-based feed management system full of features. To learn more, visit theĀ Performance Livestock Analytics website.