Benefits of a Bulk Bin Scale

  • Measure your inventory.
  • Know the exact weight of grain going into and coming out of on-farm storage.
  • Deliver the appropriate amount of inventory to livestock for increased productivity.
  • Verify the accuracy of delivered product.
  • Eliminate guesswork.
  • Useful with feeding operations and industrial applications.

Utilizing a Scale on your Bulk Bin

A scale system on a bulk bin will allow you to keep track of inventory and keep your load weight legal for highway use. Scale-Tec has many options for bulk bins of different capacities. Our Universal Scale Kit product line provides you the capability of installing scale systems onto your bulk bin – even overhead bulk bin systems. We will custom-modify our bracketing to fit your needs for your particular setup.

Scale-Tec is a Herd Star Dealer and offers the BinTrac product for your livestock operation. The advanced load cell design is simple to install and easy to maintain. Contact us to learn more about this system.