Benefits of a Seed Tender Scale

Many farmers today are using a seed tender to increase efficiency by delivering a “quick fill” method to their planters out in the field. Utilizing a scale on a seed tender enhances the ability to operate more efficiently – you know exactly what you have disbursed from the seed tender into your planting equipment. Whether you are utilizing the seed tender for central fill / bulk fill planting systems, or for a planter with row units, a scale system will ensure you have an even amount of seed filled across your planter. It will also help you verify that the proper seed prescription is executed for the commodity and variety of seed you are planting.

Benefits include:

  • Keep a running inventory of seed on your tender
  • Fill the planter/seeder evenly
  • Fill the right amount the first time
  • Assist in configuring your planter settings
  • Accuracy of 99.5%
  • Increased efficiency of your planting operations

Watch the video below to see how a farmer-dealer in Iowa uses a Scale-Tec scale system on his seed tender:

Finding the Right Kit to Fit

Check out our planter/drill kits and seed tender kits, which fit most popular equipment models. While you’re at it, take a look at POINT, our new scale indicator. It’s simple, yet the most technology-forward and powerful scale display we have available. Contact us to learn more about how a Scale-Tec scale system can save time and boost your bottom line.