Benefits of a Planter Scale

  • Manage seed inventory – without a scale, you’re guessing how much seed you have left on the planter.
  • Keep the tractor and planter moving – with a scale, there’s no need to keep checking if one side of a dual hopper is lower than the other.
  • Make adjustments much quicker – using a scale system allows you to verify the proper seeding rate within the first few acres.
  • Maximize cost saving and yield potential – dial in your accuracy to avoid underseeding and overseeding.
  • Switch varieties much faster – improved accuracy from the scale allows the planter to be almost perfectly empty when you’re done with one variety.

Finding the Right Kit to Fit

Check out our planter/drill kits and seed tender kits, which fit most popular equipment models. While you’re at it, take a look at POINT, our new scale indicator. It’s simple, yet the most technology-forward and powerful scale display we have available. Contact us to learn more about how a Scale-Tec scale system can save time and boost your bottom line.


POINT Indicator