Benefits of a Drill Scale

  • Manage seed inventory – without a scale, you’re guessing how much seed you have left on the drill.
  • Keep the tractor moving – with a scale, there’s no need to keep checking how much seed is left.
  • Make adjustments much quicker – using a scale system allows you to verify the proper seeding rate within the first few acres.
  • Maximize cost saving and yield potential – dial in your accuracy to avoid underseeding and overseeding.
  • Switch varieties much faster – improved accuracy from the scale allows the drill to be almost perfectly empty when you’re done with one variety.

Watch the video below to see how a farmer in Iowa uses a Scale-Tec scale system on his air drill:

Finding the Right Kit to Fit

Whether you are utilizing a central fill drill system or a box drill, Scale-Tec has the solution for you. We have over 125 different types of scale kits for seeding equipment. If we don’t have the kit you need, we will work with you to develop a kit for your seeder. Check out our planter/drill kits and seed tender kits, which fit most popular equipment models. While you’re at it, take a look at POINT, our new scale indicator. It’s simple, yet the most technology-forward and powerful scale display we have available. Contact us to learn more about how a Scale-Tec scale system can save time and boost your bottom line.