Benefits of Mounting a Scale on your Drill

  • Determine pounds used per acre. Scale kit is 99.5% accurate!
  • Takes the guess work out of calibrating your drill.
  • Makes you more profit, saves seed.
  • No more over planting.
  • Know the amount of seed used on each farm.
  • Know inventory of seed for refilling hopper. Works great when drilling at night.
  • Know amount of seed on different farms and partnerships.

Listen to this podcast which describes some of the benefits of having a scale on your drill.

Check out our Drill Scale Products page to search for your drill scale kit by make and model of your seeding equipment.

Return Of Investment

Utilize the Scale-Tec ROI calculator to determine how feasible it is to utilize a scale system on your drill.

CCS Drills and Box Fill Drills

Whether you are utilizing a center fill drill/ bulk fill drill system or a box drill, Scale-Tec has the solution for your drill. We have over 125 different types of kits for seeding equipment. If we don’t have the kit you need, we will work with you to develop a kit for your seeder.

Utilizing a Scale on your Drill

Farmers typically use the GT400 indicator from Digi-Star with their drill scale. This indicator allows for a basic scale system on the planter and allows the farmer to switch between both “Gross Inventory” remaining in the hopper and “TARE” modes to make a temporary zero point showing exactly what the operator has planted. When filling the drill with seed, the operator utilizes the GROSS inventory mode to load the planter to the correct prescription for the field. Then, prior to planting, the operator will TARE the scale and will observe a weight reading after an acre or two of planting, verifying proper seed rate and ensuring the manufacturer’s settings on the drill are correctly configured. Put those calibration bags away in storage and get a scale system today to give you peace of mind that you are applying the correct rate!

ISOBUS Scales on your Drill

Digi-Star Scale-Link 110 ISOBUS
Digi-Star Scale-Link 110 ISOBUS

Scale-Tec is excited to offer the Scale-Link from Digi-Star that allows the operator to view the scale system on their virtual terminal, offering the same capability of the GT400. The Scale-Link works on almost any virtual terminal on the market. If you are utilizing a GS2, GS3, PRO600 or PRO700 virtual terminal, start eliminating cab clutter today with a Scale-Link system. For added benefit, mount a Scale-Link Remote on the back of your planter for filling purposes, allowing full control of the Scale-Link, even if your virtual terminal isn’t powered on. Check out the SL110 Scale-Link page for more information.


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