Benefits of a scale on a manure spreader

  • Record pounds of manure spread with GPS location
  • Display actual tons per acre
  • Calculate fertilizer value of your manure with scales on spreader
  • Comply with EPA and DNR CAFO regulations with application information
  • Provide evidence of conforming to USDA-NRCS’s Animal Waste Management regulations
  • Protect yourself with verification of your Nutrient Management Plan
  • Set the Ton/Acre for the operator as a target
  • Store all weight and GPS information to USB memory device and transfer to Nutrient Tracker PC Software

Utilizing a scale on a manure spreader

It is more important than ever to keep accurate records of manure spreading application on your farming operations. Farmers are using scales on their manure spreaders to ensure they are getting the correct application of manure for nutrient application. This allows for compliance with Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Agency policy, and helps to provide a record to prove the compliance to the governmental agencies.

Nutrient mapping and record keeping

Digi-Star NT460
Digi-Star NT460

Scale-Tec is excited to offer the NT460 indicator from Digi-Star. The NT460 is a full featured indicator allowing you to map your nutrient application with the use of a GPS module connected to the indicator. This indicator comes with and utilizes the Nutrient Tracker software from Digi-Star to produce field data records with overlay maps to show your manure application. Check out the NT460 page for more information by clicking on the indicator to the right.