Open the Door to Cost Savings

Have you considered what cost savings you would bring to your farming operation if you could purchase granular fertilizer product directly? And if you already are buying directly – do you have an efficient way to manage product inventory, in terms of keeping up with supply and knowing what you are expending?

Scale-Tec is opening a new door to cost savings for your farming operation. By purchasing your own fertilizer product directly and applying it yourself, you can save an average of $10 per acre. We have helped many customers do this simply by mounting a scale system on their spreader implements. If you have the ability to purchase the fertilizer product directly, and the only thing that’s holding you back is a way to accurately measure the product being applied, you should consider integrating an on-board scale system. In the video below, an Iowa grower discusses how a scale system has helped maximize his cost savings:

Return On Investment

Check out our ROI calculator to determine how feasible it is to utilize a scale system on your fertilizer spreader. Contact us to discuss the options that would work best for your equipment.

Below, listen to growers discuss the benefits of investing in a scale system from Scale-Tec for their fertilizer spreaders:

Accuracy and Dry Rate Controllers

Do you run your spreader completely empty before you adjust the calibration on your dry rate controller? There’s a better way. Scale-Tec puts precision back into your hands by allowing you to spread just a small quantity and perform an in-field calibration to ensure accuracy. If your custom operator or co-op is doing your fertilizer application, ask them how they verify the accuracy of their application.

Many factors can create a need to recalibrate your rate controller. The granular size of the product, density of the product, and major weather events all affect how the granules fall from the spreader. Maximizing accuracy will save you the costs of under-application or over-application.

Cover Crop Benefits

Using a scale system on a fertilizer spreader also has benefits for cover crop application. Due to the variability of seed shape, size and weight, a scale system will help to adjust the rate of application within a few acres in the field. Eliminate the need to guess the right settings for rate – a scale system will help achieve a 99% (+/-1%) rate of accuracy when spreading cover crop.