When considering safety, tax dollars, forecasts, and EPA regulations – imagine the peace of mind that comes from knowing your entire fleet is spreading accurately!

Benefits of utilizing a calibration scale on a salt spreader:

  • Consistent spreading of material
  • Extend bridge life. Excessive salt negatively impacts the structural integrity of bridges.
  • Decrease salt use without compromising safety
  • Stay safety conscious by avoiding under application (which can lead to accidents)
  • Calibrate before the winter season to help ensure equipment is ready and functioning properly
  • Ensure all trucks in your fleet are applying accurately
  • Be environmentally responsible (over-salting results in the loss of shoulder grass resulting in higher concentrations of salt in our rivers and streams).
  • The Calibrator IV is designed to be used with all types of vehicles, tire sizes and spreader configurations
  • Save money- over 150 lbs per highway mile compared to 300 lbs per highway mile can cut your budget in half
  • Ensure you are not overspreading during an emergency event. Cost savings can be as much as one employee salary per emergency event.
  • Drivers recognize what the correctly calibrated spread looks like. Rapidly gain valuable experience for newer drivers.
  • Confidence and peace of mind that the amount of salt being applied is accurate and sufficient.

Utilizing a Scale to Calibrate Spreading Equipment

Departments of Transportation and Highway Divisions from across the nation use the Calibrator scale systems provided by Scale-Tec to make their spreading operations more efficient. Calibrations should be performed annually or after a spreader is serviced, to ensure you know how much product you are putting down on a roadway. Scale-Tec has designed the Salt Calibrator to be mobile and easy to use, primarily with the use of a forklift or end loader with forks. Simply position the calibrator behind the spreader truck, zero the scale out, load the salt into the calibrator and adjust your calibration off of the weight displayed by the indicator.

Government agencies can contact Scale-Tec today for bid requests or purchase of our Calibrator scale system.