Benefits of a platform scale system

  • Measure crop yields
  • Compare individual fields, soil types, seed hybrids, fertilizer types, tillage equipment and methods
  • Know the exact weight of grain going into and coming out of on-farm storage
  • Measure share-cropping shares
  • Keep your road loads legal weight
  • Measure crop damage for insurance documentation
  • Document each and every load
  • Provide peace of mind, eliminating guesswork
  • Make more informed decisions for managing land for best performance and profitability

Utilizing the AxleWeighr scale system

The AxleWeighr scale system is very easy to operate.  As the truck approaches the scale system the green and red status lights will be off. This indicates that the scale system is ready to cross. As the driver nears the approach he/she presses the button on the wireless key fob to identify the truck (tare weights can be pre-programmed into the indicator for single pass weighing). The driver then passes over the scale at about 3 mph without stopping. After all the axles are weighed the indicator will then flash “Green Light” for a good weight, or “Red Light” for a bad weight, signaling the driver to pass over the scale again. After a good weight is captured, an electronic record of the truck and field ID is stored on the indicator and can be accessed later via USB thumb drive in Excel format. In addition to the electronic record, an individual ticket is automatically printed for the truck driver’s records.

Why should you choose the AxleWeighr?

There are three big reasons to consider purchasing the AxleWeighr: cost, efficiency, and footprint.

  • Cost:  The AxleWeighr costs only one-third the price of a full-length truck scale. It maintains a high value for its cost for both maintenance and initial installation.
  • Efficiency:  Keep the trucks rolling. Whether you are installing this on a grain leg or utilizing this scale system in a forage operation, you will be able to keep the stream of traffic moving. Store your grain records electronically for managing later, instead of adding up all your grain tickets individually.
  • Footprint: The AxleWeighr scale system footprint is much smaller than a full-length truck scale. It can be installed in an environment with improved surfaces and unimproved surfaces. Results will be more accurate when used on improved surfaces.

What does the AxleWeighr come with?


The R423 weight indicator features a large multi-segment display that uses logical prompts along with dedicated and programmable function keys. The primary display is 1.1”(29mm) and secondary display 0.70”(18mm). Dedicated truck and print keys simplify the operator interface.


Either 11′ or 12′(3.35-3.65m) deck option
Capacity: 40,000 lbs (20t) per axle
Display resolution: 20 lbs (10kg)


The Remote Truck Identification system operates from 50′(15.24m) away. Each remote is programmed to identify a unique truck ID number. You don’t have to leave the cab; simply click the remote and drive across the scale. Remote key fobs purchased individually with up to 24 per system.