Benefits of a Grain Cart Scale…

  • Measure Crop Yields
  • Calibrate your yield monitor precision agriculture technology
  • Compare individual fields, soil types, seed hybrids, fertilizer types, tillage equipment and methods
  • Know the exact weight of grain going into and coming out of on-farm storage
  • Measure share-cropping shares
  • Keep road loads legal weight
  • Measure crop damage accurately for insurance documentation
  • Document each and every load
  • Provide peace of mind, eliminating guesswork
  • Save time by weighing in the field vs. hauling to a platform scale
  • Make more informed decisions for managing land for best performance and profitability
Go to Grain Cart Products Page and search for your make and model of grain cart for the appropriate kit and options.

Return Of Investment

Utilize the Scale-Tec ROI calculator to determine how feasible it is to utilize a scale system on your grain cart.

Utilizing a scale on your grain cart…

A scale on your Grain Cart  provides the facts that determine your profit in farming today and direct your farming to a progressive future.  Farmers are measuring their yields directly off of the field, utilizing their grain carts to inventory their grain.  The use of a grain cart scale can be for basic purposes to calibrate a yield monitor on your combine, or for more advanced purposes automatically recording weights as they come off the field. Accuracy can make a significant difference on profitability. Scale-Tec has over 650 different grain cart kits available with traditional scale indicator options and a cloud based Bluetooth® wireless technology option.  We have taken the guess work out of knowing what grain cart kit you specifically need.  Click on the grain cart image above to search for your specific grain cart kit.  Once you find your grain cart kit, take a look at the indicator and accessories options listed to determine which benefit your farming operation the most.


Moisture Sensing Technology for your Grain Cart Scale…

Scale-Tec is excited to offer the GT560 from Digi-Star.  The latest in grain cart scale technology that allows you to merge grain cart weight and moisture information to provide a dry weight bushel reading directly from the indicator.   Check out more information on the GT560 by clicking here.

Put a large remote display on your Grain Cart…


Scale-Tec offers the RD4100 remote display.  This remote display will work with most Avery Weigh-Tronix and Digi-Star indicators when properly configured.   The RD4100 has a 6-digit display with 4 inch lettering.  This display is illuminated by bright red LEDs.  The RD4100 is completely encased in resin, making it sealed to the environment and completely weather proof.  Enhance your scale viewing capabilities with an RD4100 remote display today!