Benefits of a baler scale:

  • Measure forage yields
  • Apply the proper rate of preservative
  • Keep inventory of your forage for your livestock operation
  • Custom operators can provide accurate inventory records for their customers
  • Measure share-cropping shares
  • Document each and every load
  • Provide peace of mind, eliminating guesswork
Check out the Baler Scale Products page to search for your make and model of baler and scale options available.

Utilizing a scale on your baler or other forage equipment

Scale-Tec offers scales for your John Deere 7 Series, 8 Series, and 9 Series Balers, the New Holland 780 Baler, and retrofit options for small square balers.  Farmers commonly utilize the baler scales to keep inventory of their bales for livestock feeding purposes. They’re also using scale systems to apply the proper rate of preservative to their bales. Custom operators find the scale kit useful for invoicing and record-keeping for their customers. Other farmers are mounting universal kits on their silage wagons and forage equipment to improve their inventory capabilities and record keeping. Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about retrofitting a scale on your forage equipment.

GT560 scale on your forage equipment

GT560forLiteratre_lgScale-Tec is excited to offer the “GT560” from Digi-Star that allows the operator to record each bale produced from the field.  Enhancements such as the auto-log feature can be incorporated on the baler which will automatically record the weight when the bale is ejected from the baler.   Optional GPS capabilities will also allow you to record the position of each bale