REAP App Features

Bluetooth® wireless technology: REAP features Bluetooth® wireless technology that automatically connects to your Apple (iOS) iPad or iPhone. The device supports long range communication and allows for multiple connections such as a Grain Cart, Combine, or Truck all simultaneously as the controller, or remote user.


RANGE_ICON Long Range Bluetooth® wireless technology: Receive live weight readings directly from the grain cart up to 1,000 feet away.



Powered from your indicator: Power it directly from your Scale-Tec POINT display or from an existing Digi-Star or Unverferth indicator. Current Digi-Star indicator models supported are the GT460 and GT560. Current Unverferth model indicators supported are the Unverferth 510, Unverferth 512 and Unverferth 520.  Software verification required before purchase.


AUTOLOG_ICON Autolog your records: If your Digi-Star indicator is Autolog compatible, such as the GT460 and GT560, you will be able to automatically log your records directly into the REAP App and send the records instantaneously to the cloud.


Moisture_ICONMoisture conversion: Convert your weight into dry bushels by either entering in the moisture content on the app, or if you have the Digi-Star GT560 and moisture sensing technology, it will convert it automatically.


Field_ICON Field names: Track your field totals from your app or from the home office. Record your grain cart yield data to an unlimited number of field names. Print field total reports from the web dashboard for specific growers, farms and fields.


Storage_ICON Storage destinations: Track your inventory for on-farm storage or for deliveries to co-ops or elevators. Know when your capacities are reaching their limits directly on the app, and stay informed while fulfilling contracts directly out of the field.


TRUCK_ICON Trucks: Track your truck loads from the field. Be able to reconcile all of your truck loads to co-op and elevator records, and never overload a truck again.


Device_ICON Multiple grain carts: Stay connected in the field with all of your grain carts. Advanced cloud functions allow you to view the Field, Truck and Storage selections on the grain cart and make the correction from the cab of the combine. If you are within 1,000 feet of the grain cart, you will also be able to remotely see and tare the scale on the grain cart.


Operator_ICONOperator names: Know who is operating the grain cart and who made the record. An unlimited number of operators can be added to the app for tracking purposes.


Cloud_ICONCloud service:  Program your iOS REAP app in the cloud and then take it to the field.


For a list of supported Apple devices or more information about REAP, visit our Frequently Asked Questions about REAP page. To read more specifics about getting set up and how to use the system, browse our Knowledge Base.


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Product Specs

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Product Number 7600730
Model Number 7600730