DT6 Junction BANK


Advantages to the DT6 Connection….

  • Gold plated pins for superior connection
  • Dust resistant for high corrosive environments such as fertilizer applications
  • Glass filled nylon material for enclosure for extreme resistance to chemicals and solvents
  • Supports water tight sealed DT6 Connections
  • Provides a familiar connection within the agriculture and farming industry.
  • Easy to facilitate troubleshooting for scale issues. (Plug and Play).


Convert your system to the DT6 Junction Bank…

Scale-Tec offers conversion kits to upgrade your current junction box to the DT6 connection.


Each kit includes the following

  • 1 ea. Junction Bank.
  • 7 ea. Connector Packs (which include pins, connector housings, wedges, and heat shrinks)
  • 1 ea Deutsche Extractor Tool

Note: Wire Crimping tool not supplied.

Product Specs