PULSE autonomously detects when you start and stop a load transfer from your grain cart to a truck. PULSE connects with POINT to automatically sync your harvest weight data with your REAP account in real time.


Advanced Technology: The Vibration Response Technologyâ„¢ of PULSE was developed using artificial intelligence with a machine learning core to optimize responses to vibration. This enables PULSE to autonomously detect when grain is being unloaded from the grain cart.


Fast Installation: Get going in less than 5 minutes. Simply insert batteries, pair with POINT using Bluetooth® wireless technology, and magnetically mount to your grain cart.


Easy to Maintain: Battery life lasts an entire harvest season.* No special batteries are required for PULSE, and replacements can be found at most retail stores.


Location Accuracy: Includes a GPS antenna, which is required for use. This connects with your POINT indicator to enhance the location features and pinpoint accuracy of REAP.


* Battery life is approximate assuming normal use

Product Specs

Brand Scale-Tec
Product Number 7602465