Kit - 1910 Hydraulic Drive Tow Between (Rear Swivel)

This kit contains:

  • 3 Load Cells (2 Axles and 1 at the Hitch)
  • Reworked Hub and Dust Cap
  • Mounting Brackets and Hardware
  • Junction Bank
  • Cables for Power and J-box Connections

Note: The indicator is sold separately.

Note: A core charge is charged with this kit and then credited back when Scale-Tec receives your existing hub and dust cap to rework.

Advantages of using a scale on your 1910 Commodity Cart:

  • Verify your rate of application directly from the field
  • Make informed decisions
  • Refine your seeding rate
  • Eliminate fertilizer bridging errors
  • Individual Product Calibration Capability:
    • Individual application of each product to verify rate associated to weight applied.
    • Pre-load  a prescription weight of two products for a smaller application area and run until one product is empty. Calculate the weight applied for both products and adjust rate control as necessary.

Note: This system is NOT available for JD1910 carts with 26″ rear wheel rims.

Why Scale-Tec?

Product Specs

Brand John Deere
Product Number 7500373
Model Number 1910

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