KIT-JD 1720 38" TWIN ROW ISOBUS ISO 2013 and Newer

This kit includes the Following:

  • 3 Load Cells
  • Bracketing
  • Wiring (Junction Box, Power Cable (if ISO equipped includes harnessing for planter)
  • Junction Box (if ISO Kit includes Scale-Link)
  • Hardware for mounting

Note:  Indicator is not included in this kit.  For indicators please see the options below to select the best option for your farming operation.

Note:  If ordering an ISO package, the Scale-Link is provided in the Kit.  If you need a remote display with the ISO package see the SLC2400V option listed in the remote display options.  The SLC2400V is the only remote display option for the ISO packages.

NOTE:  It is important to verify the tire size of your planter when ordering.  This will determine the type of rear leg brackets utilized with the kit.  Ensure you have the rear tire size available when ordering a kit.

NOTE: When ordering a kit, please provide a picture of the rear hopper legs, you can email your picture to

Advantages to a scale system on your planter…

  • Ensure even seed distrubtion among hoppers during filling
  • Fill the right amount the first time for the field or farm
  • Increase operation effieciency spending less time cleaning out or refilling.
  • Verify your rate of application (lbs/acre)
  • No more "stopping to see what is left" in the tanks.
  • Increase load out efficiency for night time planting operations.

Product Specs

Brand John Deere
Product Number 7500328
Model Number 1720

Indicator Options

Remote Display Options

Smart Devices


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