KIT-JD 1770 / 1775 / 24 ROW IN-CAB S/N ALL

This kit includes:

  • 3 Load Cells
  • Brackets
  • Wiring, Power Cable
  • Junction Bank
  • Hardware for mounting

Note:  Indicator is not included in this kit.  For indicators please see the options below to select the best option for your farming operation.

Note:  If your planter has a Refuge Option you will need the Refuge Option Kit . If your planter has a self loading conveyor belt, it will need an extra load cell and mounting bracket.  These components can be ordered as a KSI kit.

Advantages of a scale system on your planter:

  • Ensure even seed distribution among hoppers during filling
  • Fill the right amount the first time for the field or farm
  • Increase operation efficiency spending less time cleaning out or refilling.
  • Verify your rate of application (lbs/acre)
  • No more “stopping to see what is left” in the tanks.
  • Increase load out efficiency for night time planting operations.

Why Scale-Tec?

Product Specs

Brand John Deere
Product Number 7500202
Model Number 1770


Indicator Options


Remote Display Options

Smart Devices


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