KIT-Universal 90K 6 Point

This kit comes with the following items:

  • 6 Load-Cells
  • 6 Base Brackets
  • 6 Top Brackets
  • Load Cell retainer hardware
  • Wiring (Junction bank cable and power cable or power supply)
  • Junction Bank

NOTE: This kit does not come with an indicator.  See indicator options below to select the best indicator for your application.

Universal Kits can be utilized to mount a scale on virtually any system.   Bolt the system on or weld it on, it can be suited to your application.  Common uses for universal kits are Truck Scales, Custom Platform Scales, Stationary Mixers, Dry Box Fertilizer Carts and many more!

Why Scale-Tec?

Product Specs

Brand Scale-Tec
Product Number 7300006
Model Number 90K

Indicator Options


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