KIT-PRKR 1348/3.75" HITCH / TRACKS / B27030100 & UP

This Scale-Tec retrofit grain cart scale kit includes the following:

  • 5 Load cells/Weigh-Bars
  • Hitch Option (Existing receiver utilized from grain cart. Receiver not included in kit)
  • Cables, Wiring and Junction Bank
  • All weldments and brackets or sleeves
  • Hardware
  • Does not include indicator (see indicator options for appropriate indicator for your operation)

Advantages to utilizing a scale kit on your grain cart:

  • Measure crop yields
  • Compare individual fields, soil types, seed hybrids, fertilizer types, tillage equipment and methods
  • Know the exact weight of grain going into and coming out of on-farm storage
  • Measure share-cropping shares
  • Keep your road loads legal weight
  • Measure crop damage for insurance documentation
  • Document each and every load
  • Provide peace of mind, eliminating guesswork
  • Save time by weighing in the field vs. hauling to a platform scale
  • Make more informed decisions for managing land for best performance and profitability

Verify you have the correct kit by comparing your grain cart to the photo below:

Please confirm that the shaft measures 3 3/4" diameter inside the "A" frame tube.
Please confirm that the shaft measures 3 3/4″ diameter inside the “A” frame tube.

Why buy Scale-Tec?

Product Specs

Product Number 7200282
Model Number 1348
Hitch Type BALL
Hitch Size 3.75"
Axle Type TRACKS
Axle Size 2.5"
S/N, YEAR, or End Cap Type B27030100 & UP

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Remote Display Options


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