Why Choose TMR Tracker?

TMR Tracker and Dairy Cows
  • Feed Cost Management
    • compares intended ration against fed ration
    • calculates and records daily feed costs and DMI
    • calculates “Income over Feed Cost” on a per pen/
        per head bases
    • registers feed Weighback
  • Increase production through consistent feeding
    • easily adjust rations for Dry Matter Intake (DMI)
    • helps reduce fluctuation in loading and unloading
    • reduces peaks and valleys in milk production
  • Promotes efficiency
    • replaces feed sheets
    • easy, adjustable settings improve efficiencies and
    • on-the-go head count and pen weight adjustments
  • Management tools
    • integrated e-Tracker functions as an online data exchange
        with nutritionists and consultants
    • set ingredient reorder points
    • easy to read reports, tables and graphs
    • interface with herd management software to update
        head count and track dry matter efficiencies

Three Versions of TMR Tracker

TMR tracker is available in three different versions.  Lite, Pro, and Pro Plus (Pro+) is offered giving functionality in needed areas of the TMR tracker.  Take a look at the chart below to see what version of software best matches your operation.

Communicates with EZ3600V & EZ4600V Indicators X X X
Easy to use Windows based program X X X
Input ingredients and track costs X X X
Input recipes and monitor feed costs X X X
Easy adjustment of Dry Matter values X X X
Calculates Dry Matter Intake X X X
Operator accuracy monitoring LIMITED X X
Change "Pen Call Weight" and "Head Count" at Indicator X X X
Upgradeable to next program level X X X
Feed Refusal/Weighback Tracking   X X
Mixer rotation counter & mix time monitoring   X X
E-mail enabled (E-Tracker interface)  X X X
Ingredient usage report X X X
Reports 10+ 15+ 25+
Report writer offers report customization   X X
Interface with most herd management programs   X X
Inventory monitoring & forcasting   LIMITED X
Graphical Reports     X
Truck vendor deliveries and initiates orders automatically     X
Milk Production Tracking     X
Calculate income over feed costs      X
Flexible workday definitions    X X
Premix Options   x x

PC Requirements:
Windows Vista, 7, or 8 required.
Interent connection is required for E-Tracker.
Internet connection is required for TMR Tracker Online.
CD-ROM is required, software will be provided via CD.

Product Specs

Brand Digi-Star
Product Number 405422