Integrate REAP to the Operations Center from John Deere 

Follow the video below to Link your REAP system to the Operations Center from John Deere.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Operations Center integration from John Deere


I don’t have a account, do I have to get one now that I have REAP?
  • Nope.  This is an integration to the Operation Center, which means that you can connect to your Operations Center account, if you have one.  If you don’t have one, there is nothing to connect.


Does John Deere have visibility on all my data?
  • Only if you choose to give your information to John Deere.  Enabling your REAP account to Link to the Operations Center only pulls information from your John Deere Account.  Currently we do not push any data to your Operations Center account.  Here are the following items we gather from your Operations Center Account…
    • Organization Name
    • Farm Name
    • Field Name
    • Field Acreage
    • Harvest Yield Total for the Field.


Why don’t you bring in the Commodity information for my field from John Deere?
  • We currently do not pull the commodity information into REAP, as we are limited to what commodity data we can provide from John Deere.   We find that to save confusion, and to allow more flexibility, it is best for you to setup your commodity data in your fields during the import process.   If this becomes more presentable from the Operations center, we will certainly provide this in an updated integration.


I have already setup my fields in REAP, do I need to delete them?
  • No, we have provided a way to associate or link the fields in your REAP account with those in your Operations Center account.  If your field names match exactly, then it will automatically link the accounts together.   The only thing that may change after linking the account is the acreage, as the acres in your Operations Center account will be more exact, based on your field boundaries.


So I am linked, I am good as gold right?   I don’t need to setup anything else?
  • Not exactly.  The Operations Center really doesn’t account for inventory of grain on your operation.  That is what REAP does best, it manages your inventory, thus you still have to setup your storage destinations, trucks, and operators.   The biggest advantage that the integration provides is a slick process to bring your field names into REAP, and then to also provide a comparison of yield totals between REAP and your Operations Center in one place side by side.



You are gathering my data from John Deere, what are you going to do with it?
  • Your data is yours.  Unlike other companies with similar products for grain cart yield data, we take pride in our user agreement with you.  We are not doing anything with your data, other than providing you a place to store it an view it.  It is your data, under your account, which involves a lot of encryption and code.  If you want to know more read our user agreement, the one you should be reading prior to registering for an account in REAP.  We will not sell your data, nor aggregate your data.  We may occasionally reach out to you and ask you if we could use your data for development purposes, and if we are ever required to by court of law, that is only when your data will be presented to a third party.


How do I get my Dealer to learn more about REAP?   Do you guys offer support to John Deere Dealers?
  • We offer support to all types of dealers.  If your John Deere dealer wants to learn more about REAP and be formally trained on REAP, we will facilitate it for free to the dealer, so they can better support you in the field if needed.



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