Welcome to the information page, where you can learn how to setup your REAP app and Web Dashboard, as well as access the operators manual and get helpful tips on your new REAP system.




As always it is good practice to review the REAP Operators Manual before diving into anything new.

Read through the operators manual prior to going to the field.  It will tell you everything you need to know.




Video Tutorials 

Reap Registration

Setting Up Operators in the Web Dashboard

Setting Up Fields in the Web Dashboard

Setting Up Trucks in the Web Dashboard

GT400 and Unverferth 410 Indicator Setup

GT460 and Unverferth 510, 512, or 520 Indicator Setup

GT560 Indicator Setup

REAP APP Initial Log-in and REAP APP Setup

REAP APP Metric Units Setup

REAP APP – Selecting an Operator

REAP APP- Selecting a Storage Destination

REAP APP- Selecting a Field

REAP APP- Viewing Editing a Load Ticket within the Load History

More Resources